Best Practice IT Security for Business

When seeking a business broadband connection, security should be a top priority in order to protect the integrity of the business concerned. Host Ireland have worked with government and healthcare clients since its inception. We understand the importance of reliability and security in this sector and partner with our clients to build best in class enterprise connections.

All connections need protection. We can partner and work with your IT provider to manage security in the most effective manner possible. Antivirus packages can help to reduce risks to equipment, but safeguards must also be taken in the network and cloud setup process to avoid the worst case scenario of hacking. The primary categories of internal network attacks to keep in mind include confidentiality breaches (disclosure of confidential data), integrity breaches (unauthorised modification of data), and availability breaches (suspension of services resulting in lossmaking for your business).

Cloud computing provides a business with an online space to store and share information in a protected environment. We advise IT managers that any cloud application solution should have the correct intrusion detection tools, firewalls and content delivery network to ensure that this information is held securely.

Static IP addresses, commonly used for businesses, also require regular security checkups. In the case of virtual private networks (VPNs), staff may wish to connect from home in order to work, and a static IP address ensures a safe and secure way of doing this. Static IP addresses enable VPNs, host file transfers (FTPs) and email servers. In order to protect your IP from hackers and cyberattacks, top quality internet security is essential; this can be actioned with the help of VPNs and firewalls.

Our security infrastructure is managed and maintained locally to ensure the safety of your service with Host Ireland is never compromised. To learn more about cloud computing and how to keep your business secure from virtual threats, call Host Ireland today.



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