Better Broadband, Better Business

The increasing demand for faster Internet connectivity means that the need for ‘dedicated bandwidth’ is higher than ever in 2016. Traditional broadband simply cannot satisfy this growing demand. The adaptation to higher frequency technologies is now an essential for any cutting-edge business. Super-fast access to data and cloud based services is not simply a bonus extra, but is now essential for any enterprise looking to compete globally.

Host Ireland Business Broadband offers the highest capacity millimetre wireless broadband network in Dublin, paired with a state of the art service level. For your business, this could be a real game changer.

It goes without saying that high-speed broadband provides a host of benefits for your business and objectives. The dedicated speeds and industry leading low latency provided by our packages allow for multiple users to simultaneously share videos, download large files, run video conferences or attend webinars with ease. Should you ever need us, why not contact our 27/365 support centre?

If your business requires you to collaborate with partners and suppliers in other parts of the world, ultra-high speed Internet will make it seemless to connect with them, and share data with ease. A faster and more reliable connection will also allow multiple heavy users to stream simultaneously. Low latency connectivity lends itself to faster response times & better productivity and increased collaboration.

Your business cannot lag behind because of a poor internet connection. Enterprise dedicated speed broadband connectivity is an extremely attractive asset, and something which all business owners should ideally be planning for in order to ‘future-proof’ their IT network. Further to high speed microwave wireless connectivity, clients we work with at Host Ireland also find that the investment in fibre broadband can pay off in terms of the increased efficiencies it can provide.

Risk management is a key part of our offering, and we work hard to safeguard your day-to-day productivity. We currently offer resilient solutions of dual connectivity through NGN fibre & microwave wireless. Every wired Internet connection must have redundancy and a reliable backup plan in order to avoid the potentially disastrous and costly consequences of downtime. There are huge benefits to dual connectivity and managed fail over.

Let Host Ireland Business Broadband show you these and more – call us today or click here to visit our Media Centre for past coverage and to read more about our offering.

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