Why Host Ireland Business Broadband?

With the highest capacity millimetre wireless broadband network in Dublin, and a huge amount of product innovation behind our offering, Host Ireland Business Broadband is also Ireland’s only infrastructure ISP which is selling 1gbps services. Founded in 1998, today Host Ireland Business Broadband services over 2,000 businesses and has become the preferred wholesale partner for several international telcos.

Host Ireland Business Broadband uses a high frequency technology known as E-Band to deploy its ‘fibre in the air’ service. This is achieved by using dedicated licensed spectrum at frequencies of 70GHz to 80GHz. E-band spectrum uses very narrow, laser-like radio waves to communicate between our clients, such as The Marker Hotel, and our base stations. Host Ireland Business Broadband’s network provides speeds in excess of fibre offerings from other Irish telcos, providing an ideal solution for many industries – healthcare, tech, financial services and education all spring to mind.

Installation and setup of our connectivity solutions is fast – our turnaround times are unrivalled. We are the only operator to be able to provide next day service delivery. We are focused on delivering the very best service to Irish enterprise, and this includes 24/7/365 support. Our manned NOC can be reached both in and out of office hours. We believe that exceptional levels of customer service are essential to ensure customers’ expectations are met.

Our objective has been to reduce the cost of enterprise connectivity, and to significantly increase broadband speeds across Ireland. We have invested heavily in our network over the last 24 months and we are now reaping the benefits – we are one of the only ISPs to carry the full suite of replacement radios for each frequency used. As price leaders, we recently reduced the price of 1GBPS dedicated enterprise connectivity to €695 per month – in comparison to competitors who offer 20MBPS dedicated enterprise connectivity for €700.

We currently offer resilient solutions of dual connectivity through NGN fibre & microwave wireless. Every wired Internet connection must have redundancy and a reliable backup plan in order to avoid the potentially disastrous and unprofitable consequences of downtime. Let Host Ireland Business Broadband show you the benefits of dual connectivity and managed fail over.

Host Ireland Business Broadband, Business at the Speed of Light.

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