Sharp Group is Ireland’s leading security company with several thousand customers across Ireland. Our service is mission critical and instant response times are essential for our delivery of service

The need:
We needed a re-designed managed WAN connecting our customer sites to our Dublin based monitoring headquarters.

Host Ireland Business Broadband are Juniper specialists and were able to design a bespoke solution to connect our different sites while managing our extensive WAN also. The solution included x2 200mbps links as a managed service.

We have used several telco’s over the years and we have never met a more flexible company that can react as quickly as Host Ireland Business Broadband can. If you are looking for an amazing level of customer service and an exceptional product, Host Ireland Business Broadband are undoubtedly the best option in Ireland at the moment.

Ivan Nolan – MD Sharp Group


CompuB is the only Apple Premium Reseller in Ireland and has 20 years track record with Apple. CompuB have authorised technicians ready to carry out repairs on your Mac, iPad or iPod. They have fully trained staff ready to handle any questions you have, from purchasing software or hardware, or to switching from PC to Mac. We also provide training sessions, one-to-one sessions and special events in our stores.

The need:
Combu is a chain of retail stores around Ireland and are an Apple Premium Reseller. As a retailer they do lots of product demonstration and required a high speed internet connection in all their stores. They also have a centralised mail server and voip system hosted on site which meant they needed reliable connectivity back to their mail server and voip PBX

Host Ireland Business Broadband have such density in their network and such a large number of base stations in Dublin that they had the availability and capacity to provide wireless links to all of our Dublin sites. This allowed us to connect all our sites back to our central server. In addition to this we also recently upgraded one of the Dublin city centre stores with 1Gbps up and down.

Host Ireland are local, their knowledge of the area is second to none, their expertise is fantastic, and they provide a really, really good service at a very good price. The great thing about Host Ireland Business Broadband is that they know the customers, they know Dublin very well, and they know what’s possible and what’s not.

Tony Scott – CompuB 

markerThe Marker Hotel is one of Ireland’s leading 5 star hotels based in Grand Canal Dock, Dublin. To ensure that it delivers the best possible service to its guests, it must ensure that every aspect of its service is exceptional.

The Need
Establish a dedicated, resilient IP circuit with sub 5ms latency to the internet to facilitate corporate events, high demand internal wi-fi network internet connectivity & multisite MPLS connectivity.

The Solution
200mbps symmetrical non contended internet circuit delivered over two resilient microwave wireless connections. For specific events Host Ireland provide us with complimentary upgrades and out of hours support when required. Consistent, reliable low latency connectivity was observed from the day of the installation and, to date, has been flawless.

The Service
It’s quite simple – working with a business focused Irish based telecoms operator where customer service is taken very seriously. We depend hugely on a very high level of service and working with specialists is key. Host Ireland Business Broadband has enabled us to deliver to our guests and clients. Flexible, proactive & a skilled team are all strong attributes of Host Ireland Business Broadband.

David O’Hanlon – IT Director Marker Hotel


SIG Ireland is a subsidiary of SIG plc, a leading European distributor of insulation & energy management, interiors, exteriors and specialist construction products. SIG Ireland is well positioned to provide customers with technical expertise, combined with product availability through a strategically placed network of specialist centres.

The need:
We needed low latency high speed managed connectivity – specifically between our different offices. Being a PLC we have very tight SLA requirements, and ISO standards that we consistently need to meet. 24/7/365 network monitoring and connectivity fail over management is essential.

Host Ireland were able to provide us with 350mbps symmetrical dedicated connection between our sites located in Dublin. This was delivered over a microwave connection between the different buildings. Further to this they delivered a 200mbps symmetrical dedicated internet connection to our head office in Ballymount. From design to implementation they worked very closely with us on an overall managed solution.

The service has been exceptional. From an extremely quick installation lead time, 2 weeks I think, to their dedicated NOC proactively monitoring our overall mesh network, we can really depend on Host Ireland Business Broadband. Technically the service is superior to that found elsewhere.

Mark Cullen – IT Manager SIG Ireland