Client Case Study: Malcomson Law Services

Malcomson Law Services procured a wireless symmetrical 200mbps internet connection from Host Ireland as the main circuit to their Smithfield premises in Dublin city. The main reason for this choice was the extremely poor provision of fixed line services in their current location and also the advantage of a single hop of traffic due to their proximity to the main Host Ireland network core. In comparison to the former service that Malcomson were being provided over copper, the costs for the relative speed and reliability was a very easy commitment. A high ROI was delivered over the first year of service.

Malcomson also acquired from Host Ireland a 100mbps direct fibre connection to their Carlow office enabling them to have very low latency for site-to- site traffic. All traffic is routed from the Carlowoffice directly through the Host Ireland network into their Dublin HQ. Currently, regardless of the traffic volume (which can be considerable as all voice, internet and data traffic is routed across the link to Dublin) there is a constantly low sub 10ms trip time between the two offices. This direct connection is particularly strong for file sharing. Prior to Host Ireland, there was an ADSL fixed line circuit between the two offices, which would normally max out at very low speeds creating a bottleneck to their traffic flow.

As part of the tender for this connection, Malcomson also looked at the advantage of switching to aVOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephony solution. During this process, a VOIP provider who had their SIP platform directly connected into the Host Ireland data infrastructure was sourced. This enabled Malcomson to have the lowest possible latency for voice traffic. This is essential to support the SIP traffic, as it is so adversely effected by latency. Currently, Malcomson’s SIP provider reports latency of 2ms on SIP traffic to their network – and with only a single hop. This gives Malcomson rock solid voice performance, regardless of the number of calls in progress. Ray Cooney, IT Manager at Malcomson says:

“I would have no issue at all in recommending Host Ireland as a provider and would be happy to act as a reference point for any business that they are proposing. We are extremely happy with not only the service provided but also the ease of install, order and the continual service improvements that we receive. Dealing with Host Ireland as our main internet provider is very easy and they are able to deal on a personal level with customers, something that the big providers can lack.”

With a suite of options for businesses of all sizes, our offerings can cater to your needs at any stage of the journey. For advice on the right package for you, contact Host Ireland today on 01-821-9350.

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