Cloud Computing For Your Business

The field of smart data sharing and business intelligence as driven by the cloud is a key growth area for many companies. Symmetrical Internet connectivity is of course key to making this work – especially for those who transfer a lot of data and manage multiple websites. A fast, robust, reliable connection that won’t let your company down is absolutely essential.

Reducing your costs and helping you to know that your data is secure 24/7, cloud computing can do a huge amount for your business. From shared drive and email to your entire suite of applications, your whole IT infrastructure can be hosted in the cloud. Remote access strategies and business continuity solutions ensure productivity and great communication in all settings. In order to ensure cloud computing suits your business, it is necessary to conduct a suitability audit. Central to this audit checklist is a high-speed, reliable and secure connection in order for cloud computing to make sense for your business. Host Ireland can offer a bespoke solution in order for your business to meet all security and performance requirements.

All our fibre broadband connections are backed up by a top-grade Service Level Agreement (SLA). This means that in the event of an interruption to service, there is a guaranteed response time. In the interest of business continuity and resilience, we can also provide an additional backup connection, for close to 100% connectivity to your building. Our connections operate under optimum security in order to protect your network and IT infrastructure – preventing unauthorized access and keeping your data safe.

Service is our focus here at Host Ireland. We take time to understand your business and how our business broadband services can deliver productivity, stability and peace-of-mind. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your current systems or move to a cloud based infrastructure, we can help you to pinpoint your needs and achieve a streamlined, cost-effective connection.

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