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Differences in Business and Residential Broadband Usage in Ireland

Sole trader or small business owner? You may be debating the merits of business broadband over your residential ISP. Here’s a quick guide to the main (and most critical) points of difference between business broadband and a regular residential connection.

–        Contention (oversubscription) is a common issue with ‘traditional’ or residential broadband. You may notice slower bandwidth speeds, latency and/or packet loss during peak times in your area (morning, noon, evening). With residential usage, social media, torrents and streaming services such as Netflix or RTÉ Player can all lead to a latent connection. Lower grade equipment like routers can also cause a residential connection to fail, or require regular rebooting. Business class routers, unblocked ports and unrivalled security measures are just some of the features of an exclusive, high-speed business broadband connection with Host Ireland. We are experts in ultra-low latency fixed and wireless networks, and pride ourselves on providing world class service and expertise.

–        With most business broadband packages, static IP addresses comes as standard, but this may not be the case when it comes to residential connections. In these cases, a dynamic address can wreak havoc on your day to day business processes. A static IP can be critical in many cases for certain inbound and outbound traffic. Remote users, VPNs, and many bespoke IT business solutions and applications rely on having a fixed IP for security, and so your IT provider can support the network correctly.

–        SLAs, or Service Level Agreements, are a provider’s guarantee that they will supply the service as stated, otherwise you have reason to leave or renegotiate terms and /or pricing. Residential ISP services do not generally offer SLAs because they cannot guarantee that the connection will be reliable. In addition to SLAs, Host Ireland can offer business class support around the clock, as well as your own dedicated account manager.

If you run a business or have a need for a high-grade, reliable Internet connection, business grade products are the right fit for you. Even if you are an SME with few staff, Host Ireland have the right package for you. With a suite of options for businesses of all sizes, our offerings can cater to your needs at any stage of the journey. For advice, contact Host Ireland today on 01-821-9350.

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