Our enterprise customers are the cornerstone of our business and we are focused on delivering the very best service to Irish enterprise with services of up to 1Gbps at ultra low latency.

Host Ireland have carried government clients since our inception. We understand the importance of reliability and security in this sector and partner with our government customers to build best in class solutions.

We know that connectivity can be mission critical for today’s healthcare providers. We’re delighted to have built great relationships some of Ireland’s largest hospitals and healthcare facilities .

The growth of the financial services industry has been limited only by the speeds at which networks operate in today’s business world. We understand the value of speed in the financial services industry.

We started life as an engineering company so we know and love technology. Whether it’s a requirement to connect your organisation to the cloud or to achieve sub millisecond latency to another site we can do it for your business.

Today’s education system depends on technology and fast internet connectivity more than ever before. We value our close relationship with the education sector and aim to be a leading connectivity provider to Ireland’s educators.


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