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Branch offices allow growing companies to expand their customer base over different regions. For maximum effectiveness, all branch offices need real-time access to CRM/ERP databases, company sales figures, shared documents, and off-site backups, which are usually hosted in the headquarters. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) makes communication between headquarters and branch offices accessible and secure. The high-performance Host Ireland series of multi-WAN routers has all the features you need to establish and

maintain a reliable VPN network. Our patent-pending Bandwidth Bonding Site-to-Site VPN easily maintains military-grade, 256-bit, AES-encrypted links between offices, and provides faster uplink and downlink connections by aggregating the bandwidth made available by multiple Internet connections. Communication between offices is faster, simpler, and more dependable than traditional VPN solutions that only use a single connection. Host Ireland Bandwidth Bonding Site-to-Site VPN revolutionizes network setup.


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The Ultimate VPN for Office Branches
Bandwidth Bonding VPN for multiple locations Unlike traditional VPN technologies, Host Ireland Multi-Site VPN technology establishes and bonds VPN traffic among multiple connections. Encrypted with 256-bit AES, the Bandwidth Bonding VPN feature allows businesses to connect to multiple locations with military-grade protection. When an Internet connection fails, the VPN failover feature will dynamically switch traffic over to the active connections, maintaining uninterrupted VPN service.

Extreme Security
Host Ireland Multi-Site VPN is highly secure. In typical VPN, MPLS, or private leased line, packets are transferred in an orderly fashion over one link. The network is exposed and compromised if an attack is targeted at this particular link. Host Ireland Multi-Site VPN, however, constantly scramble data traffic across available Internet Links and encrypts it with unique WAN specific 256-bit AES encryption. Data transfers between sites in the most secure way possible!

Better Performance
Host Ireland Multi-Site VPN Balance’s outbound traffic management feature allows you to prioritize VPN traffic. VPN traffic will have a higher priority and will perform optimally even under heavy network load.

Cost Savings
The increased reliability, as provided by the failover feature, will allow businesses to switch from expensive leased lines (such as T1, MPLS) to a combination of DSL or Cable. With the VPN functionality built in, business can create a VPN network across multiple locations without the need of extra devices. Host Ireland offers a full line-up with different capacity, giving you the flexibility to choose the right devices for various types of business locations.

Advanced VPN Routing
Route data traffic in anyway imaginable. Host Ireland Balance’s highly flexible WAN traffic routing lets you route specific traffic types from selected sources to a fixed VPN node. You can route Internet traffic through your Headquarters’ Firewall, or route VoIP call to your branch location in Europe! All traffic is managed easily with a few clicks!


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