Protecting your Business from Connectivity Downtime

No broadband connection is immune from downtime, and nothing with electrical components ever will be. There is a large degree of variance, based on the characteristics of your business and environment (i.e., your vertical, risk tolerance etc), in terms of financial loss should your connection fail. The average business suffers from about 14 hours of internet downtime per year. Regardless of the specific number of hours offline, there is always a heavy cost for businesses;  late delivery of goods or services,  a loss of customer goodwill, as well as inevitable loss of revenue that would have been generated with a reliable connection.



While businesses invest in their networks, automation, processes and systems to gain a competitive edge, they often fail to ensure adequate steps are taken to protect these investments. At Host Ireland, we offer business broadband packages to include the use of a high availability networks and automated failover to prevent any disruption to business operations. A high availability network combines different connectivity options such as fibre and microwave wireless – to ensure that your business has 100% network availability, as well as the bandwidth and ultra-low latency that are critical for modern business operations.

Many companies still only utilise one internet circuit to their building and as such this creates a single point of failure for the business operation. It’s necessary to use different connectivity access route (fibre and wireless) for primary and backup connectivity in order to eliminate all single points of failure and ensure maximum availability.

When connectivity problems are detected, an automated failover device enables your business to instantly switch from your main circuit to your backup, so you can continue to maintain the highest level of productivity. IT is automatically notified, and your network will use the redundant connection until the main is restored and stabilized.

For more information on wireless failover solutions, call Host Ireland today on 01-821-9350.



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